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Commitment to Quality

Empine Group is absolutely committed to a quality policy that ensures customers receive the best product possible along with our renowned service levels.

To achieve this, we operate on a quality policy that promotes a strong collaboration between our customers and Empine focusing on several principals to ensure consistently high-quality print.

The Principles we are committed to include:

  1. Customer service that practically becomes ‘Friendship'.
  2. Brand Management as standard to a level suitable for the individual customer.
  3. Thorough quality control and checks that occur on every single order without the need of client involvement.
  4. On the rare occurrence of a fault reaching a client, we operate a swift hassle-free resolution along with investigation and report on any fault to ensure it does not reoccur where possible.
  5. Supply chain management to ensure client’s products are always cost effective and benefitting from leading industry technology.
  6. Solutions to reduce non recycled wastage as much as possible.
  7. All employees are trained on company policies and procedures.
  8. Policies are regularly reviewed and amended to make them fit for purpose.

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