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Pioneering PVC Banner Recycling scheme

Did you know that you can now return your PVC Banners to us, after use, to be recycled free of charge?

Improving how print waste is managed has long been a priority here at Empine and we are continuing to support our clients to use print without the historic environmental impact. Together, with the support of Soyang Europe, we are now able to offer free recycling for outdoor PVC banners which would normally go to Landfill.

As a country, we currently recycle less than 1% of all PVC produced and banners account for a huge 550 tonnes of PVC thrown into landfill or being burned!

The durability and cost-effective nature of PVC banner material mean that it’s use, for many purposes, is still one of the best solutions and we didn’t want the environmental impact to become a problem when it comes to print. We know that we have a responsibility to play our part in improving our waste management to avoid any unwanted impacts when it comes to print.

Anthony Taylor, Print Director here at Empine said “After taking part in Lancaster University’s Low Carbon Innovation Forum, I became very aware of how much work the UK has to do when it comes to recycling. Often when we believe that we are recycling products, for various reasons, we may not actually be doing so. We already do a lot here to minimise our wastage, but we continue to look for how we can do more. This PVC recycling scheme is another string to our and our customer’s bow when it comes to improving.”

Therefore, we are proud to launch this incentive whereby any PVC banner purchased from Empine, can now be returned, and recycled by us for absolutely no charge. The recycling of PVC isn’t as straight forward as many people think, many factors in the material determine how it has to be recycled, this is why we are making it easier,

How does this scheme work?

It’s simple, once you have finished with your banner, either return it or exchange it on your next delivery and we will handle the rest. Then you can sleep easy knowing that the banners are being recycled and not falling directly into landfill!