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Carton Packaging Has Seen A Surge In Demand – Here’s Why

Carton packaging is not what it used to be. For a start, it’s now much more accessible to SMEs – businesses don’t need to produce thousands of them before they start to see a strong return on investment. Plus, conceptualising ideas is actually really straightforward, thanks to the ease of creating prototype samples from service providers such as Empine.

On top of this, there was the pandemic effect. Businesses needed their products to look good, whether they were on the shelf in a shop or delivered directly to the customer – and cartons are the perfect solution. Both start-ups and large companies can now benefit from carton packaging to make their products stand out. We’ve seen our packaging roll out across the UK, including into leading supermarkets.

But what exactly is it about carton packaging that has triggered such a surge in demand? Here, we outline exactly that.



This is perhaps the most important aspect: carton packaging does the job of actually protecting the product effectively. It holds the item in place and can have a bespoke design to ensure it does just that as it’s transported by the courier, placed on the shelves and – crucially – when it is in the customer’s basket and on the way home.

In turn, this reduces the cost of any waste, as well as preserves your reputation. A product that is only seen in its intended, high-quality state will help ensure customers maintain a positive association with your brand.



Next to the construction of the packaging is what draws the eye: the design. This wrapping is your opportunity to advertise your brand, and there are plenty of customisation options available – including stocks and finishes that are designed to help you stand out, like premium papers and foils.

It’s unsurprising, then, that it’s used by such a variety of industries. From pharmaceuticals and nutrition to vaping and fragrances, carton boxes prove that you can take advantage of its customisation abilities regardless of your sector.


Retail appeal

Linked to this, of course, is how carton packaging helps your product look good on the shelf. With so much choice in retail outlets, it has never been more difficult to attract the eye of your target market. Carton wrapping increases your visibility, using colours, pictures, logos and text to support your branding.

What’s more, this packaging can even help your product get into retailers in the first place. This all-important ‘retail appeal’ can be a key part of your pitch. And, as this type of wrapping has become so prevalent recently, it has become an expectation rather than a ‘nice to have’. We are frequently designing boxes literally to fit the shelves of stockists!



Part of the reason retailers prefer carton packaging is because customers are now more sustainability-oriented. Considering that it’s often made from cardboard, it’s of course more recyclable than the usual plastics that envelop many products. As a result, you can be more environmentally friendly, aiding your own sustainability objectives and boosting your reputation in the process.

What’s more, if you take customisation a step further and opt for custom-sized wrapping instead of packaging that’s overlarge, then less cardboard is required. A great example of this is the wide range of beer products that are now using this solution. It does exactly the same job as before, but with fewer resources.


Complete solution

Carton packaging can go beyond just this type of print marketing as well. At least, it can with Empine.

We offer a full service, right down to providing the corrugated cardboard that transports your products to the shop. We’ll design your carton packaging from start to finish, and can give you a sample before it’s printed, as well as help with labelling if required. On top of this, we’ll discuss what options and features will make your product more attractive at a price point that fits with your budget. It’s very much a consultative approach, ensuring you get value for money and a solution that you’re truly happy with.

So, if you want to reap all the benefits of carton packaging, and any other print projects you require, get in touch with Empine today. We’d be happy to talk through our approach and support you with all aspects of your print marketing strategy.