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Exercise Books

Durable, personalised exercise books on any scale

No child learns in the same way. And we believe their learning materials should reflect that – with clear spacing, ruling and supporting content. Great design can: 

  • Increase awareness of your school’s values
  • Prepare books for any learning level or environment
  • Make written work easy to read and review
  • Protect the exercise books from wear and tear

Like reading records, exercise books are an essential part of your classroom; how they look needs to live up to this role. That’s why we learn about your school, its history, and how visuals can tell your story. 

Empine feeds each one of these insights through our designs, from the first sketch to the final print run. Thanks to plenty of quality checks along the way, we’ll make sure that every book – no matter how many you order or how often – is coloured, tinted and laminated to a T.

Give us some homework. Empine is ready to listen and learn about you.

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