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St Thomas CE Primary Werneth - Exercise Books

The classroom is a place for inspiring at all ages, no matter what a persons background is, the playing field should be level so to speak. Schools from all over the UK now look to Empine for their bespoke exercise books and St Thomas' is just one of those.

Why they chose Empine?

As with much of education budgets are tight and schools are looking for innovative ways to inspire young people and make them feel a part of their community as possible. Every student should feel part of your school as a whole and that is what Empine helps with. 
With these exercise books St Thomas chose Empine for the service levels, flexibility and low comparable cost. Also the ability to add top up orders throughout the year without surprise charges!

Furthermore, Empine offers the option to add tinted pages to exercise books at no additional cost helping young people that have difficulty reading from white paper have the same opportunity as everyone else to learn!

The Outcome!

For these exercise books, the users where Nursey aged pupils so an attractive colour cover with gloss lamination was selected to make the books survive accidental splashes. I think you will agree these books would certainly help in making that learning experience just a little bit better!

Shall we get started?

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